A Cave-like Home Situated In The Forest-Covered Mountains of Morelia, Mexico by HW Studio Arquitectos

Charis Raji
3 min readJun 6, 2023


A cave-like home in the forest-covered mountain of Morelia, Mexico

This cave-like structure/project was recently completed by HW Studio Arquitectos. For the structure to reference the forest surroundings; wood, concrete and steel were the materials used and it fulfilled the client's wish to preserve the rough and primitive atmosphere of being in the mountains.

The inspiration behind this project comes from the subtle murmurs that are being whispered by a forest environment — when carefully listened to — and also the client’s search for shelter and protection. This home also revolves around the opportunity to truly connect with nature — an experience that can be attained by recognising its significance and not underestimating it.

HW Studio Arquitectos intended to create a visual continuity between the site and architecture, and was achieved by mirroring the shape of the hills — hence its name The Hill in Front of The Glen.

The project has a narrow that leads to the entrance and it’s flanked on both sides by towering concrete walls. This was deliberately done to encourage solitude. An oak tree is seen when visitors make their way through the corridor. HW Studio Arquitectos’ founder Rogelio Vallejo Bores made this decision to allow passage around it.

In Rogelio’s words, the gentle curve of the wall allows visitors to travel around the tree, so close in fact, that it’s even possible to graze it.

The flooring of The Hill in Front of the Glen emphasizes the aroma of wood perceived when you’re surrounded by pine trees, which gives balance to the cold temperature of the concrete. A set of stone steps leading towards a heavy steel door lies at the end of the corridor. There’s also a palette of grey concrete inside that is the same as the exterior; its rich wood contrasts with and echoes the colours of the forest.

Rogelio notes that the warm temperature of the wood balances out the cold temperature.