Brand Spotlight: Willowlamp

Charis Raji
Jan 6, 2024


Flower of Life lamp by Willowlamp

Willowlamp is a South African-recognised award-winning lighting design company founded by Adam Hoets.

Willowlamp began with an idea — a patented notch system and the design method allows strands of metal ball chains notched into laser-cut stainless-steel frames. Nature’s sculptural forms inspire the lighting designs and are also imbued with the beauty seen in nature.

Through creativity, Willowlamp aspires to enrich people’s lives by fusing organic forms with high-tech materials and processes to create a dramatic new genre of lighting. Aside from being a lighting design company, they also offer bespoke tailoring services that enable them to create a variety of unique lighting designs.

Today, Willowlamp works with renowned international designers, creatives and architects across residential and hospitality verticals.

Some of Willowlamp’s Products

  1. HalfPipe Wall Scones
Courtesy of Willowlamp

The rest of Willowlamp’s lighting designs can be viewed here.