Brands That Took My Fancy at Paris Design Week 2023

Charis Raji
5 min readSep 13, 2023


Paris Design Week is a free and must-attend design event for enthusiasts, design lovers and professionals. Paris Design Week is organised by Maison & Objet, and it’s a 10-day event that offers a journey filled with the latest trends in interior design and lifestyle space.

Paris Design Week offers a pathway through the effervescent melting pot of contemporary design. In an atmosphere like this; designers and creatives reveal their intimate spaces and creations.

This article looks at some brands, projects, creations and exhibitions that took my fancy.

1. Decathlon

This is the first time this brand has taken part in Paris Design Week to showcase the expertise of its multidisciplinary design community. With its display at Paris Design Week, the immersive exhibition brought the past, present and future into dialogue through iconic archival pieces, current products and exploration.

Participants and visitors discovered the prototypes nicknamed monsters — some of which will never be marketed, as well as a prototype imagined in advanced design using Artificial Intelligence and other exploratory concepts.

The brand promoted its know-how, creativity, technicality and its capacity for innovation in terms of design. Note that Decathlon is an official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With this exhibition and participation, Decathlon will raise the curtain on the singularity of its design.

2. Christofle

Christofle has been in the business of taming and exalting silver since 1830. The brand continues to place its creation and values. At Paris Design Week, a new collection, Babylone, was showcased.

Courtesy of Christofle

Babylone got its cue and inspiration from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. This collection was designed by the designer/jeweller Mademoiselle Aurelie Bidermann and it composes an offer of Dining & Home Decoration that’s complemented by jewellery.

Courtesy of Christofle

The collection consists of 11 pieces in silver-plated, Porcelain and a combination of the two materials, and the jewellery collection includes 6 pieces in sterling silver.

The cuff bracelet happens to be the masterpiece of the collection — it instantly dresses an outfit and attracts all eyes.

3. Kiki Goti

The Greek architect, educator and designer is the founder of the design studio Some People, which focuses on playful, interactive architectural installations and public art projects.

Kiki makes use of tangible and malleable materials that heighten the scenes and encourages interaction. She is also fascinated by the tactility of objects and their ability to stimulate users’ curiosities and imaginations.

At Paris Design Week, Kiki Goti presented her neo-futuristic OO+II collection. The collection consists of nested chairs — an adaptative, multi-functional seating design consisting of 2 separate chairs that can fit into each other. Users can choose to have one compact chair, or two different chairs (a tall chair and a stool) a chair with a side table, or a chair and a footrest.

Among the collection is a candle holder that creates an exuberant, intimate environment for all to enjoy within the home. It creates a new playful design language to perfectly balance utility with the feminine.

The collection’s sitting and chair designs are made of bent and layered aluminium sheets, with a brushed and waxed finish.

4. Batiik Studio

Founded by Florence Jallet and Rebecca Behicho; the duo presented their collection of furniture tribute to the seaside.

Titled Dans le sillage de Nere or in the trial of Neree, it’s a reference to the god of the sea and his descendants. This collection extends the beautiful season and brings back to the city shore, a memory of the Mediterranean taste.

5. Alia Vitae

Founded by Julien Borisov and Emma Demuynck, both childhood friends, they have a shared affinity for art and design and hence founded Alia Vitae.

Meaning other lives in Latin, the studio brings back to life evocative, iconic and little-known pieces of French design; pieces whose innovation and singularity marked an era, a style or taste; pieces that echo memory and emotions and whose continued aura still glows in our contemporary interiors.

For Paris Design Week, Alia Vitae chose to pay tribute to the work of French designer, Andre Cazenave — who died 20 years ago. Alia Vitae collaborated with Sophie Dries for in-depth research into the materiality of the Dora lamp.

The Alia Vitae x Sophie Dries collection (collaboration) is deeply respectful of the environment, using soft materials and favouring raw materials sources in France.

6. Prisca Razafindrakoto

Prisca’s Mullica 510 school chair back and seat make use of inflated, flame-coloured copper rather than regular plywood.

7. India Mahdavi

The Iranian-French architect and designer has built a name for herself by working on large hospitality projects, luxury collaborations and even launching her furniture line. Since the opening of her studio in 2000, she has developed through her creations a specific vision of happiness and colour which she never ceases to sustain.

For Paris Design Week, India collaborated with Gebruder Thonet Vienna to design a new lounge chair, Mickey.

The Mickey armchair is characterised by a mouse-like ear, a palpable echo of India’s childhood hero. The Mickey armchair is a combination of a black wood structure in straight contrast with 2 different nuances of green upholstery, highlighting the piece's playful soul.