Designer Spotlight: Annaka Hoelk

Charis Raji
2 min readJan 23, 2024
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Today’s designer spotlight is on Annaka Hoelk, a product and furniture designer and a recent graduate from Emily Carr University.

Annaka’s practice/body or work includes lighting, furniture, products and spaces. They are all rooted in simplicity of form, quality of detailing and a refined approach to colour and light.

Born into a family of (interior) designers and architects, there were always discussions centred on furniture, design and living well; all this shaped her eureka moment into taking the art and design path.

Annaka’s Design Philosophy

Good design connects us more deeply to our environment, whether built or natural, and strives to enhance the relationship between object, space and user; as a way of building durable connections to (our) things.

Annaka’s Works.

1. Tedio Floor Lamp

Courtesy of Annaka Hoelk

2. Bor Table Lamp

Courtesy of Annaka Hoelk

3. Paynes Vase

Courtesy of Annaka Hoelk

To know more about Annaka Hoelk, here’s a link to her website and LinkedIn.