Designer Spotlight: Deniz Aktay

Charis Raji
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Today’s Designer Spotlight: Deniz Aktay

I intend to make this a monthly series and I centre on products, furniture, collections and designers that take my fancy or who I think you’ll find inspiring. Or better still, you may need to purchase these products to add more life and colour to your space.

The first designer spotlight is on Denis Aktay. Currently living in Stuttgart, Germany, he studies architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. Deniz has participated in several furniture design contests. He has work experience as an architect and he’s focusing on designing furniture and objects.

Deniz’s philosophy is that ‘good design for me means finding the right harmony between proportion, material and functionality.’ This design philosophy aligns with his demand for simplicity, originality, detailing, proper element joining and appropriate use of the materials involved.

For our first designer spotlight, we’ll highlight some (or all) of Deniz’s products and the behind-the-scene or process behind each product.

1. The Overlap Table

This coffee table design is made of two rotated wooden boxes that double as a storage space. The table won this year’s Product Next Door award in the For Future Furniture category.

2. The Twirl Vase

Because of its asymmetrical twisting point, the Twist vase can be turned upside down to hold smaller flowers or tealights and it provides a completely different appearance.

3. The Drop Side Table

This side table has an asymmetrical twisting point that enables the vase to be turned upside down to hold tealights or smaller flowers — in the process providing a completely different appearance.

4. The Zero Side Table

This is a polygonal metal-based side table and the futuristic look is generated with simple but clever folding techniques that demonstrate the simplicity yet post-modern aesthetics that ZERO stands for. The design is loud and extroverted but also fits traditional furnished interiors because of its simple elegance.

5. The Tie Stool

Comprises three bent plywood strips locked into each other. The tie stool design evolves from 3 extended sides of a triangle and can be split into six total parts interlocking into each other.

The stool can be bent to generate both a comfortable seating area and the stool’s legs,

6. The Backup Desk

This piece was shortlisted at the 2023 DesignWanted award show and it’s made of pure and simple materials consisting of multiple plywood sheets with a linoleum covering.

Deniz also gained recognition with his Bookpet coffee table. The product serves as a great storage space for books and magazines and also features a sculptural shape that evolves from a double-bent cuboid. The bookpet not only serves as a coffee table but also as a book/magazine rack.

Courtesy of Dezin Aktay

Deniz Aktay is known for the following concepts and creations:

  1. The Loony II coffee table
Courtesy of Dezin Aktay

2. The Nonstop book rack

Courtesy of Dezin Aktay

3. The Rool rocking stool

Courtesy of Dezin Aktay

4. The Dachshund

Courtesy of Dezin Aktay

To know more about Deniz, you can stalk his Instagram, Behance and Twitter pages.



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