Designer Spotlight: Saba Yazdjerdi

Charis Raji
Sep 23, 2023
Saba Yazdjerdi

Saba Yazdjerdi is an architectural designer known for exploring space, objects and materials. The multifaceted architect and designer weaves her cultural heritage into her work through the thoughtful use of objects, spaces and materials.

Saba was born in Tehran, Iran and has lived in Colorado, New York, Rhode Island, California and Bangkok. Also driven by a fascination with the human experience, Saba delves into themes of identity and belonging, seeking to not only embrace and preserve Iranian culture but to also celebrate and reinterpret it.

Saba’s architectural design practice has spanned from residential to cultural, creating spaces for residences, galleries and museums. Her Pahlevoon collection pays homage to her traditional heritage and explores the critical attributes of Pahlevani — an Iranian martial art, steeped in ethical principles, ancient Persian beliefs and athletic rituals.

Here is a link to Saba’s work, projects and collections.