Ethimo Releases Outdoor Novelties For 2024

Charis Raji
3 min readJan 10, 2024
Tender, part of Ethimo’s 2024 collections

Taking inspiration from the warm, inviting colours of the Mediterranean and the charm of humble, authentic places, Ethimo specializes in high-quality outdoor furnishings and décor.

They make use of wood which is FSC certified and only comes from forests that are monitored and undergo rigorous reforestation processes.

With the new year, Ethimo is expanding its outdoor living by embracing and indulging in new(er) dimensions, where people, nature and architecture can coexist. A series of collections has been rolled out already which include:



The product of a collaboration between Ethimo and Studio AMDL CIRCLE, COSMO tells the story of a nice idea for outdoor living. This is a design concept that aims to express the harmonious aspect of the relationship between architecture, people and nature. With this product, design is the metalanguage that dialogues with the environment.

2. Tender

Tender by Christophe Pillet for Ethimo

Designed by Christophe Pillet, Tender is designed to functionally enhance the entertaining mood of the Baia and Costiera lounge items; it is made entirely from aluminium & in Carbon and Silver finishes and is a furnishing accessory with minimal design.

Tender by Christophe Pillet for Ethimo

Christophe collaborated with Ethimo to create increasingly more complete, versatile outdoor sets making it the ideal balance of decoration and function.

3. Out-Fit

Out-Fit for Studio Adolini for Ethimo

A collaboration between Ethimo & Studio Adolini, this is an open-air fitness room for relaxing the mind and exercising the body. The Out-Fit structure has been created as an unusual way of outdoor living and connecting with the landscape, extending the concept of comfort to an element that strives towards equilibrium between physical fitness and general well-being.

Out-Fit’s construction and aesthetics are designed to adapt to any setting whether residential or contract.

4. Baia Lamp

Baia lamp by Christophe Pillet for Ethimo

The minimal and subtle lamp comprises a stem in aluminium that’s available in Carbon or Silver finishes. The Baia lamp — designed by Christophe Pillet — stems from the idea of teaming the concept of visual well-being with the comfort of the collection.

5. Phil

Designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Ethimo

An outdoor kitchen (Ethimo’s first kitchen project in collaboration with Gordon Guillaumier), is a smart one that simplifies the art of outdoor cooking.