Kast’s Basin Collection Exudes Elegance And Captures Beauty

Charis Raji
2 min readNov 5, 2023
The Prim Basin in Sandcastle

Founded by Tim Bayes, Kast is a design-led business that’s based on the edge of Sherwood Forest, in the heart of the UK.

Tim fell in love with concrete 20 years ago and was inspired by its use and how it can be manipulated into unique shapes and forms.

The Wave collection of Kast is in undulated forms and playful colours that transform your space.

The Tilde Basin comes in a free-flowing sculptural form that takes on a traditional bucket sink. It has an integrated splash-back with a soft wave and scalloped basin edge.

The Tilde Basin in Crimson
Tilde Basin

The Dune basin is a sculptural trough basin that’s defined by its scalloped edge, it also has a space for surface-mounted taps.

The Dune Basin in Golden

The Prim basin has a playful form. Its circular countertop basin is organic in form with rippled edges.

The Prim Basin in Sandcastle
The Prim Basin in Sandcastle

The Wave collection sinks are available in 28 colours, suitable for colour mounting, and compatible with all standard unslotted wastes. Each of the basins is meticulously handcrafted using high-quality concrete; it adds a touch of whimsy and delight; and also creates a harmonious balance between fun and sophistication which in turn invites a sense of playful escapism.

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