Mudd Concrete Washbasin Collection

Charis Raji
Oct 30, 2023
Oto washbasin in Bone finish

The studio, Mudd Concrete was dreamt out of the desire to explore and create. Their forte is in judiciously making use of concrete which is their leading source of inspiration.

Their latest collection, bōI comprises a range of concrete washbasins inspired by artisan origin, memories and processes. This collection’s gentle curved forms express an organic spiritual beauty, which takes on a new softer identity.

Lomas washbasin in Cliff finish

The collection consists of nine neutral colour palettes and experiments with casting concrete in more tactile textures as an homage to the company’s personal and artisan beginnings.

Cerro washbasin in Slit finish

Each sink (in the collection) presents unique impressions of a cementitious blend hand-trowelled across the surface by co-founder and master artisan Anton Vanee.

To shop the rest of the collection, click on this link.