Rive Roshan’s Ordinary Miracles Plays with The Concept of Perception, Perspective and Reflection

Charis Raji
2 min readNov 19, 2022


If you’ve never heard of the Ordinary Miracles collection by Rive Roshan, you’re in luck. The immersive exhibition was featured at the Dutch Design Week held from the 22nd through to the 30th of October 2022.

Image gotten from Rive Roshan’s Instagram page

It was titled Ordinary Miracles to remind us to marvel at the natural phenomena we’ve learned to take for granted, yet it holds so much magical complexity and visual depth.

Image from Rive Roshan Instagram

Ordinary Miracles comes after the studio’s successful manifestation (presentation) of Stilled Life which was held in 2019. With Ordinary Miracles, the designers show parallel and layered experiences in which nothing is as it seems.

Materials, light, movement, reflection and shadows are played with, and these mediums enrich the way we view the world. The idea behind Ordinary Miracles is for us to start looking more consciously and thoughtfully at our environment and act with care and attention.

Apart from Ordinary Miracles, Rive Roshan presented a new collection with Moooi Carpets and some sculptural objects.

Rive Roshan — headed by Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan — is an Amsterdam-based artistic practice that creates collectable objects and immersive installations that shift perspectives and capture transience.