Salone del Mobile: What to Expect and Unveiling Euroluce 2023

Charis Raji
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After a 4-year absence (the last edition was in 2019), Euroluce returns in halls 9–11 and 13–15.

Do you speak design? is this year’s theme

This year’s Salone del Mobile event takes a look at how the lighting industry has improved and also some throwbacks at some light icons that have been released in the past few years.

Euroluce — which is an International Lighting Exhibition — has been run every 2 years since 1976. The lighting event presents the most innovative solutions in the field of light for both interiors and exteriors.

It’s no surprise that more than 1,962 of the best exhibitors will be present — including more than 550 young talents under 35 belonging to 27 design schools. Euroluce is recognised as the global benchmark lighting exhibition, where technological innovation and design culture takes centre stage.

This year’s lining will take a look at the latest devices for outdoor, indoor and industrial lighting, lighting for shows and events, hospital lighting, special use lighting, home automation and lighting systems, light sources and lighting application software.

Salone del Mobile 2023 is divided into Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Euroluce, Salone Satellite and the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition.

Euroluce 2023 will be focused on sustainability and automation and also a wide array of energy-efficient lighting solutions will be available. The layout is completely redesigned by the Lombardini22 Studio — wherein there’s a circular route that puts visitors at the centre.

A completely redesigned layout by Lombardini22 studio

This year’s design event is different because they’ve made a decision to keep all activities and commencements on one single level at the fairgrounds, it will act as a shockwave and pave the way for a new design of the fair trade events.

This 31st lighting biennial edition will have darkened pavilions to create a more effective display for the products of lighting, educational activities and designer spaces. The pavilions will contain a bistro and fine dining restaurant designed by the Italian architect and furniture designer — Piero Lissoni.

There will be a single exhibition level that will see companies from the upper pavilions 8–12, and 16–20 will be relocated to the lower ones to improve, enhance and simplify the visit experience and fruition. Euroluce will be displayed in halls 9 -11 and 13 -15.

Salone Satellite — the 24th edition — has been conceived and curated by Marva Griffin. This year’s theme is Design Schools — Universities/Building The (Im)possible — Process, Progress, Practice. It’s the most anticipated international springboard for young creative people and also a meeting place between new talents and the entrepreneurial world.

Entrance to the SaloneSatellite is free and open to the public. Gaetano Pesce, who’s a featured guest will be meeting the young people in the SaloneSatellite arena to tell them the main steps of his (long) career and interdisciplinary contribution to the world of design projects.

There will also be a competition with a prize: the Salone Satellite Award. The award (in its 12th edition) will be awarded to the 3 most deserving projects and also accompanied by 2 honourable mentions.

The participating universities — who are inspired by natural light and what it represents — will be arranged in an outer ring that encompassed individual designers.

Workplace 3.0 is more than just an exhibition as it's conceived as an irreplaceable think-tank for finding out upcoming necessary changes to workspaces. It’s devoted to design and technology in workspace planning.

Workspace 3.0 also showcases the finest products designed for office spaces, reception areas and procurement plans of the best companies working on solutions with new ways of working and the new design(s) prerequisites for inhabiting the workspace.

The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition shows off a variety of products and styles — decorative pieces, furnishing accessories/objects. It was also launched in 1989 and it showcases a variety of excellent pieces yearly encompassing trends for the home, home furnishings system and accessories. Some of these pieces have modern to classic designs.

Campaign Image

Salone del Mobile has entrusted this year’s campaign images to Leftloft, a Milanese design communication studio and Gio Pastori, a highly-renowned illustrator and collagist in the Milan Millenial arts scene.

This year’s campaign features 26 brightly-coloured posters — one for each letter of the alphabet accompanied by an object or furnishing piece with a headline — Do You Speak Design? The headline directly interrogates the observer.

Opening Hours

Date: April 18 to April 2023

Time: 10 am to 7 pm

Location: Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Rho Fiera Milano)



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