What To Expect At Salone del Mobile 2022

Charis Raji
7 min readJun 7, 2022


After a break because of the pandemic, this year’s theme is Designing For Our Future Selves. Salone del Mobile will hold alongside Fuorisalone.

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Salone del Mobile is a furniture fair that holds annually in Milan. It happens to be the largest trade fair (of its kind) in the world. The exhibition showcases the latest design and furniture from countries around the world.

Salone del Mobile was launched in 1966 with an original focus on Italian furniture. The annual visitation number is 270,00 with attendees from 150 countries.

The last exhibition was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. This year’s event will be the 60th edition and it already boasts a plethora of new things. The event has always been said to showcase the mix of business with pleasure and also shape the history of design and furnishing yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The key concept in this year’s event are ideas, creativity, sustainability, innovation and technology. This year’s 60th anniversary will be celebrated by an art installation by Bologna architect, Mario Cucinella and it features a 1,400sqm space set within Pavilion 15.

This year’s event will have more than 2000 exhibitors — including over 600 young exhibitors under 35 — express their creative freedom and their own identities.

Salone del Mobile is shaped into three categories:

1. Classic: this category draws in the values of skill, tradition and craftsmanship in the art of making furniture and objects in the classic style.

2. Design: this category focuses on products that speak of functionality, and innovation and at the same time boast of a great sense of style.

3. xLux: this category is focused and devoted to timeless luxury re-read in the contemporary key. It also looks at a range of goods (and objects) that combines quality and technology, shaped by the creativity of the leading sectoral companies, practised at developing their business by investing each year in innovative products and home furnishing solutions.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. This next section looks at events and activities to look forward to at Salone del Mobile. They are in the lamps, outdoor furnishings, carpets and wallpaper category.

1. Brands that will be making their first entry to Salone del Mobile 2022.

New wallpapers and rug designs by Pietro Ferruccio Laviani, Gianni Cinti, Charlotte Julliard, Elena Georghiadou, Danielli Studio, Sacha Walckhoff, Malika Novi and Lanzavecchia + Wai.

Tagged as the definitive source for the site, garden and casual furnishings; they will be making their official entry in Salone del Mobile with the following collections:

i. The Serengeti Collection:

Courtesy of JANET et Cie

Designed by internationally celebrated designer Philippe Starck exclusively for JANUS et Cie; Serengeti is composed of silhouettes of substances and sophistication in finely sanded frames with visible peg joinery that evokes influences of craftsman and Scandinavian modern styles.

ii. The Kyoto Alu Collection:

Courtesy of JANET et Cie

This collection reimagines the celebrated Kyoto interior collection in durable powder-coated aluminium for the outdoors. An armchair is introduced by the collection that complements a variety of dining tables.

iii. The Matisse Teak Collection:

Courtesy of JANET et Cie

This collection has been luxuriously reimagined in stunning, sustainably sourced and premium teak. Matisse Teak comprises the same bold, geometric frame and minimalist design of its predecessor (link this), yet possesses an air of casual approachability and timelessness.

iv. Cascata Fixed Chaise Lounge:

Courtesy of JANUS et Cie

Classic lounge chairs are designed for the poolside but this particular lounge chair is designed for both the poolside and inside the water as well. The lounge chair has a sculptural statement of simplicity and ergonomic engineering in a beautiful, contemporary profile.

v. The Circlet Stool:

Courtesy of JANUS et Cie

The well-rounded accent presents a striking sculptural form that marries a negative space and organic shapes in a unique, delightful, eminently useful perch.

vi. The Monsoon Collection:

Courtesy of JANUE et Cie

The stunning collection is highly inspired by tropical flora and is made of sophisticated bone china vases and vessels that have been exquisitely handcrafted in exacting details.

vii. Eclipse Rugs:

Courtesy of JANUS et Cie

Made in rectangular, square and round styles, this rug collection expands 3 highly textural designs — each well suited for exceptional durability in exterior or high-traffic interior settings.

Other collections that will be displayed at their stand include Lighthouse rugs, the Matisse Collection, Wing Swivel Lounge Chair, the Rally Collection, the Fiore Collection, the Tangent collection, and the Coast collection.

Limonta has 4 divisions: Limonta Fabrics and Coatings, Limonta Interiors, Limonta Wall and Society. They began in 1893 and their mission remains clear — innovation and creativity.

The company has maintained and pursued that goal with constant passion and in turn, they have diversified its product offer over the years — developing the textile and chemical sectors. They are active in the leather goods, accessories, clothing, footwear and the automotive sector.

d. Fatboy

The Dutch design brand offers indoor and outdoor furniture and home accessories.

e. Gemla


The design workshop combines sustainable materials and bentwood craftsmanship to meet modern design. They are uninterested in trends and their products withstand the test of time. They make use of natural and sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood and Natural upholstery.


Happens to be one of the world’s most in-demand designers of hand-crafted carpets. Jan always thinks and creates outside the box as he purposely breaks conventional styles and throws ‘strict’ design rules overboard.

The Bochum-born artist doesn’t shy away from combining classic elements from the original carpet with minimalist, contemporary design. Jan involves the interpretation of photorealistic motifs in textile art.

g. Mariantonia Urru

Founded in 1981, the company has established itself as a leader in the handmade carpet industry. The company makes use of Pibiones and Piana techniques and at the same time, they give weaving multiple meanings — a link between the past and present, innovation and tradition. Wool, silk, linen, cotton and metal threads are used in this company.

2. Talks

The talks of Salone del Mobile will take place in the Design with Nature arena (Pavilion 15 of the S project) and it's curated by Maria Cristina Didero, Chiara Alessi and Beatrice Leanza.

1. Wednesday 8 June, 4 pm

SUSTAINABILITY (there will be 3 different episodes) that will be curated by Maria Cristina Didero, Victoria Siddall, Eva Feldkamp and Daan Roosegaarde. The talk will highlight and illustrate the works of the Gallery Climate Coalition which aims to identify and implement environmental sustainability guidelines for the art sector.

Daan will talk about innovation and technological art and he aims to speed up the process of spreading social projects that will help save the planet and improve life in urban spaces.

Eva Feldkamp is driven by the belief that the world is in great need of change, hence she will explain how to generate creative opportunities with a positive social and environmental impact.

2. Friday 10 June, 4 pm.

Radical Nature — The Design and Science of World Building Curated by Beatrice Lenza, Liam Young, Anab Jain, Marjan van Aubel.

3. Saturday 11 June, 3 pm.

The True Imaginary Story of The Salone del Mobile with Chiara Alessi and Makkok.

Here is a link to other talk calendars.

4. This event will host the biennial events — EuroCucina (82 exhibitors), FTK (39 participants that will demonstrate technology in the kitchen) and the International Bathroom Exhibition(172 exhibitors)

It will also have the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Workplace 3.0 (which will provide a wide range of workspace and aesthetic options in regards to design and technology.)

5. Welcome Project

This will run for the 7th year and it advertises the international role of Salone del Mobile, the city of Milano and their dedication to inclusion and hospitality. About 100 students will help visitors orient themselves around the city, they will provide the public with information on moving around the city, the fair and other organised events.

Salone del Mobile will hold alongside Fuorisalone. Salone del Mobile will be celebrating this year’s anniversary with themes and projects that reflect on ‘inclusive’ design that fosters ‘autonomy, movement, interaction, safety and usability for all.’

This year’s theme is Designing For Our Future Selves (Progettare per I Nostri Domani)